What I'm looking for in my next career

I've been trying to narrow down what I want to do next so that I can make an educated plan before I throw caution to the wind and go back to school. Here's my meandering thoughts on the matter.

I've learned a lot about myself in the past couple of years, specifically:

Using these items of thought I've come up with two courses of action. Either (a) study Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences and look for a position at the NOAA1, or (b) study Astronomy and Physics and look for a position at NASA2. Plan (a) is less risky as Meteorologists are more in demand than Astrophysicists, but plan (a) is also an implicit backup for plan (b) as there's significant overlap.

Here's the bad news: I definitely have to go back to school for a government job. Federal laws require that these positions are given to degreed individuals, so not even experience will get me in the door. Running quick numbers gives me estimates of spending anywhere between $22k–$100k to complete my B.S., and if I went the Physics route I would likely want to continue onto a M.S. or Ph.D. I enjoy college enough (I'm doing it now at community college), so the burden would be strictly a financial and lifestyle one.



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